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Today’s “daily prompt” is VIRAL Your blog/pic will appear on front page of THE TIMES – What will the story be? Here’s my contribution Advertisements


Today’s DAILY PROMPT theme is STANDOUT. Here is my contribution. I am a 55 yr old woman, a womanly woman with grown up children. I embrace my femininity. BUT I also enjoy a… Continue reading


The post a day subject for today is TRANSPORTED. I spend a lot of my time being transported on the tube and like to take pics of my fellow transportees.

weekly photo challenge:FORESHADOW

Sometimes when you take a photo you have NO IDEA what image will reveal itself. That used to annoy me. And, yes, there are still times when what I see through the lens… Continue reading


I am dog sitting for a friend. Actually to be more precise, I’m house sitting, fish sitting, guinea pig sitting, and dog sitting – for a friend. The house is amazing. I feel… Continue reading


It was hot, southern hemisphere hot! I was on the high street leaning against a bus stop, smoking a cigarette and waiting for a bus. I had just visited a client in inadequate… Continue reading


Talking of birds makes me think of the dawn chorus; that most English of choirs which cajoles the rural dweller awake each morning with a gentile “tea and toast on a breakfast tray”… Continue reading